Tuesday TEN

Tuesday TEN

Holidays are around the corner and can be a stressful time for most. Here are my Top 10 ways to reduce stress BEFORE the holiday season!

1. Create a Holiday Playlist! Yes… retailers everywhere are already playing holiday music and it seems no matter the chaos going on in the store, hearing that music makes me smile! Holiday music always brings cheer so why not create your own playlist with your favorite holiday songs that will put you in an upbeat and cheery mood.

2. & 3. Organize NOW! From shopping lists to holiday decor organize this out now so when it comes time to put out the decorations or purchase certain items from the store, you already have a plan. Website abowlfulloflemons have great ideas for organization!

4. Take a “Medi” Minute! Medi is for Meditation…Happy thoughts…a quiet moment. Take a MINUTE out of your day to just meditate on the goodness and what the holidays TRULY mean to you. If it means celebrating with family, giving back, or a specific religious belief, focus on that for one minute and it will help you not only release stress but bring joy into your holiday season.

5. Take a whiff of a holiday scent. I LOVE HOLIDAY SCENTS! And you can create your own! Adding citrus re-energizes you almost instantly.

6. Enjoy a good laugh! Crack up greater than ever. Just think of something you’ve experienced recently that made you laugh to tears or just take a look on YouTube such as this one:

7. Try a new tradition. Experiment with something new as newness creates excitement and less stress. Don’t get stuck in the perfectionist of creating past years traditions… you can do something different.

8. Find a way to give back. Giving back never goes out of style. It always releases stress and brings a different perspective on life. You will reflect on the many blessings we all have no matter the situation.

9. Don’t overextend yourself. Know your limits!! You do NOT have to do it all and it’s okay to say NO to some things. Only take on what you truly can handle and no more.

10. Don’t overspend! The gift is not in all you can buy… it’s in the real reason for the holidays. Enjoy the time with loved ones or on a beach alone but DON’T rush to the “Black Friday” madness… it’s not that serious. Trust, it can allow a lot of stress release to NOT fight with the crowds.

Share other ways you will de-stress for the holidays!!


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