Fab Fashion Fridays!!

Fab Fashion Fridays!!

Fashion with a cause… Angela & Roi!

This is where Fashion and Philanthropy collide in the best way possible. Angela & Roi‘s company was founded on what they state as “strong morals”. With a value system focused on high “customer satisfaction and not profit margin” this company stands in a league of their very own. They stand firmly on:

This handbag company is greater than fashion… they are a movement! Angela & Roi use high quality vegan leather versus many competitors who use animal leather for handbags.They have also created an opportunity to give even while staying fashionable. When you purchase a handbag in a particular color, a portion of proceeds will go to a chosen non-profit organization.

Each colored ribbon represent bringing awareness to a specific organization. Per Angela & Roi website, SOME of the causes are:

“Donate to the cause to end the AIDS epidemic in the United States, through national, regional and local policy and giving people living and affected by HIV/AIDS access to necessary resources and care.”

“Donate in order to support preventing kidney and urinary tract disease, improving the health and well-being of individuals and families affected by kidney disease and increasing the availability of all organs for transplantation.”

“Donate to support care for the millions affected by Alzheimer’s and for research on Alzheimer’s disease.”

“Donate to promote prevention, treatment, and cure of anxiety, depression, and stress-related disorders through education, practice, and research.”

More causes can be found on their website.

The craftsmanship of these handbags include precision, durability and are crafted with care. Because of the firm stand behind their product, they offer a 90 day warranty. More details on the bags craftsmanship can be found HERE.

photo 1-4
Here are some of my favorite handbags by Angela & Roi:
Sunday Yellow-Neon Tote
Square Dark-Green Tote
Ostrich Oversized Orange Tote $115 – SOLD OUT (but many more to choose from)
Ostrich Oversized Orange Tote

I dedicate the Fab Fashion Friday not only to a company I feel worthy because of the many great qualities but also because it’s Chic Philanthropy and I support it!

Please check out more of Angel & Roi and share the word with everyone you know! Let’s keep chic with a cause greater than just looking good. Let’s bring awareness to the many organizations supported by Angela & Roi and allow this company to challenge you on more ways you can make a difference in this world big or small.

Happy Friday!


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