EXTENDED by demand – Wear it Wednesday

EXTENDED by demand – Wear It Wednesday for Kids!!

Can’t forget about the kids:-) By demand, I’ve created a kids edition for Warm & Cozy.

When the tempature begins to drop outside and the leaves began to fall, our outfits will too transition. Question presented was “How to dress kids warm, cozy and COMFORTABLE!”

Well AttractiveMommie, the best way to keep the kids comfortable while keeping them warm is answered below…



Here are my Top 5 ways to keep cuties warm, stylish and comfortable.

1. Make sure the outside gear is double and triple lined therefore you don’t have to add as much bulkiness underneath. I love these parkas  from Dolce & Gabbana Bambino Kids Collection for extra warm with lots of style:

omg this will be my child one day!

2. Layer them up!! When dressing the kiddos in layers it gives them the option to remove a cardigan, scarf and or Sherpa lined jackets when becoming too warm at school. Then when time to depart, they can add it back on under jacket to fight off the wind. Remember, they are miniature versions of ourselves so layer them as you would do yourself.



oh, hey adorable. nice shoes.

My kid will have fashion like this.

Can THIS be my little man??!!

Dots, Spots & All Sorts | Sparkle and Spin

fall boy style

3. Sweater it up!! Add a warm and cozy sweater to basic jeans and underneath you can add a long sleeve t-shirt or button down for warmth but charming style.



Stylish Kids


4. Add fun and fashionable tights under favorite skirts and dresses this way she can still transition some of her favorites from previous seasons into fall.



Or add leggings and legwarmers for warmth, comfort and highly fashionable! (Zara for kids)

lotuslovely: {zara kids fall}

5. Give them some fashion freedom… You’ll be surprised with you fashionable these little people can be while still keeping themselves warm. Check out the video blog below by a little fashionista!


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