Throwback Thursday Tribute

Throwback Thursday Tribute

This throwback tribute goes to one of my favorites. She is a television star, stage performer, singer and once model. Known as a vintage style icon, Diahann Carroll represents the epitome of beauty!

Diahann Carroll  became infamously known as the star in Julia (1968), which was the first television series to star a black woman in a non-stereotypical role in America.

This rare gem has won awards for television and stage which include a Tony and Golden Globe in the 1960’s. Diahann has also received many nominations but one of the most prized possessions is being inducted into the Television Academy Hall of Fame in 2011.

As Julia…

My all time favorite memories of Diahann Carroll was her in the show Dynasty as the successful and wealthy chanteuse Dominique Deveraux

No matter what role on the tube or not she played, Diahann always carried herself with style, grace and a little excitement. She was married 4 times, had a nine year on and off affair with Sidney Poitier but was elegant enough to never be involved with tabloid slanders of this beautiful lady and her chosen lovers.

1st marriage was to agent Monte Kaye who had a beautiful daughter together and remained friends after the divorce.

Her second husband, Freddie Glusman, marriage ended abruptly when Diahann had to call the police because of Mr. Glausman’s violent tendencies. But with the class of this beauty, she walked away with her head held high and still never gave up on love.

Then she remarried to Jet Magazine managing editor named Robert DeLeon. Sadly this love ended due to Robert being killed in a car accident.

Her fourth and final marriage…to date was to singer Vic Damone. Although she shared humiliating stories of past life with Damone in her autobiography “The legs are the last to go“, she did it with strength and as a way to uplift other women to not accept this type of behavior versus using it as gossip

The Legs Are the Last to Go ePub (Adobe DRM) download by Diahann Carroll

She is a breast cancer survivor and has master the art of never aging as she’s currently 78 and still going strong. COMPLETELY GORGEOUS!!!

Diahann Carroll, actress, at home in Beverley Hills

This tribute is to you, an amazing living legend!


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