Throwback Thursday Tribute

Throwback Thursday Tribute

Iman!…Model, Actress, Activist, Entrepreneur, Beauty brand name and much much more! We celebrate this living style icon during this Throwback Thursday Tribute.

Iman, the Somalian beauty was discovered by photographer Peter Beard at the University of Nairobi. She was the desired model in the late seventies and eighties and graced the runway with her unique look, flawless skin, gorgeous face and infamous long neck.


One of my favorite Cosby episodes is when Iman was a guest star:

Unlikely, Iman was not interested in fashion nor modeling and was actually in college when she was discovered. She was more interested in reading Time and Newsweekly. Iman is far more than beauty. She speaks five languages and is a brilliant business savvy woman. When she left modeling in 1989 she set out to expand herself as a brand and has done that successfully now over 20 years.

Iman used her beauty and fame to enlighten the world around her. She took a documentary film crew back to Somalia and leveraged her celebrity to bring more international assistance and awareness to her homeland.

Iman launched her cosmetics line in 1994 for women of color. Her first year of sales were a total of $12 million and after the decision of partnership with Ivax, the next year she grossed over $30 million!

She married rocker David Bowie back in 1992, celebrated 20 years last year and the couple is still going strong today.

Hats of to you Iman… The style icon!


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