Tuesday TEN

Tuesday TEN

Ten ways to live your BEST life!

Tomorrow is not promised… Be sure to live your BEST life NOW! Here are 10 ways to help you with that but… there are plenty more:-)

1. Be Positive! Ever tried the no complaint rule?? It’s a great project started by A Complaint Free World where you wear a bracelet to remind you not to complain. Remember, the more positive you put out there… the more you will receive in return.

2.  Learn something new! Learning is encouraging and uplifting. Learn a new craft, take a class, learn a different language or even explore a different culture… your brain will thank you!

3.  Become a Passionpreneur!!! Follow your passion and be unapologetic for following your hearts joy. What are you most passionate about? And are you pursuing this on a daily basis???… if not, why not? Think of those great people who followed their passions and done great things for this world, their careers and others. Mother Teresa, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Gandhi and many more.

4. Turn of the TV for at least 24hrs. It’s amazing the things you can accomplish, explore and marvel at when we are not completely consumed with the television. I challenged myself to go without tv for 3 months and it’s now been 1 year and 4 months! I’ve started a blog, written a book, created beauty products, and been a life coach to many! Just saying:-)

5. Kick fear in the face! Allow your courage to be showcased by conquering that thing you thought you couldn’t.

6. Help someone in a worse situation than you. Remember… there is ALWAYS someone going through something way worse than you. Get out the house and mentor a troubled youth, buy groceries for a family, spend time with the lonely at a possible nursing home, hug a child… Help someone other than yourself.

7. Be seriously silly!! Don’t be afraid to laugh out loud… do something uncharacteristic and just be silly. Don’t take everything too serious… you only live once! I love this funny photo:

8.  Go somewhere NEW! Visit a new city, town, country or even bakery… Go somewhere new and allow the adventure to begin.

9. Dolce’ Far Niente’ (The sweetness of doing nothing)

10. Love like you will never be hurt…Don’t be afraid to love and love hard. Share love with everyone. Fall in love romantically. Enjoy the time with your loved ones and let them know how much you love them. LOVE!

These are just a few ways to live your best life there are plenty more! Check out some listed HERE. Also be sure to share how you choose to live your BEST life!


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