Tuesday TEN

Tuesday TEN

Ten ways to selflessly give back that requires more thought than money:-)

It’s the season to give… well, actually it’s not but in my book giving to others never go out of style!

Below are some stylish ways to give that requires more thought versus money from my experience… it’s always appreciated!

1. Write a special note expressing how valuable someone has been to your life. So many times I hear friends, family and co-workers discuss how they “need to get better at that” which is stopping to recognize someone for something done NOT on a holiday! How nice would it be for you to receive a random note via mail, on your car window or at your desk that shared how appreciative someone was for something you did without wanting recognition for it? Wouldn’t that feel great??? Well, do it for someone else and watch how the universe pays you back! 🙂

2. Pay for the person behind you in the check out line, drive thru or Starbucks line JUST BECAUSE!! I remember doing this in the drive thru at Chic Fil A once. At first I laughed because the bill came to $15.14 BUT I still did it and the driver behind me chased me down just to say thank you. He stated how that was his last $20 until payday and he needed to buy his kids food and this act of kindness was truly a blessing. (YOU NEVER KNOW WHO YOU MAY TOUCH)

3. Donate those clothes… even those you still have tags on and haven’t worn although you purchased it seven months ago!

4. Give your time and hugs at a children’s hospital. Simply stated… hugs heal.

5. Mentor a child. With many organizations always looking for volunteers such as Big Brothers Big Sisters  or Girls INC. you can share the wealth of mentor-ship.

6. Celebrate someone else or something else on your birthday. Although it’s great having parties, try something more selfless this year and celebrate someone else or donate your time for a cause. It can be serving food for the homeless, starting a movement to impact a multitude of people or something as small as asking for donations to a charity of your choice instead of gifts from loved ones.

7. Call up someone with the only agenda of hearing how they are doing.  This seems easy but can be very hard for us humans to NOT talk about ourselves, issues and or concerns. Just call up a long time friend or family member and just say “I just want to hear how you are doing… what’s been on your mind and anything else you would like to share.” 🙂

8. Share a smile and a hello with a stranger. A smile… it requires one simple movement of your mouth and it provides an abundance of joy. Next time you pass the little elder lady sitting on the bench that she sits on everyday, stop, look her in the eyes and smile. Then ask her “how are you?”

9. Donate your service to someone who really needs it with no strings attached. If you are a hair stylist, style up a cousin of a client that you heard was having a hard time. If you are a chef, throw a five course meal for a family member just because. If you are a licensed massage therapist,  give free 10 minute massages to a few teachers to help release stress and revitalize them.

10. Anonymously leave notes, loose change, handmade gifts or flowers throughout your city or neighborhood for a day. You can leave notes attached to flowers or just a simple note alone that states something like “Never give up. You will never hit the finish line if you give up now.” or “Keep smiling… it’s your best accessory!” You can choose to drop quarters, dimes, or even place a dollar on the ground for someone else to pick up. It just may be the change they were needing to catch the bus home. Whatever it is, try to find an act of kindness to display  anonymously and make someone’s day!

These are only a few ideas to spread more love, kindness and selfless giving throughout this world. Be sure to use one listed or create one of your own but do it and share your experience.

Need more ideas on how to give back… check out HERE for a good deeds bucket list:-)



2 thoughts on “Tuesday TEN

  1. Girl, you are just too awesome!! Doing all of the above are so fun, fun to me because it’s so special to make someone’s day, week, month……. I am a bit selfish with these sort of things though, because I love to do them! 🙂 Bless your fabulous soul & spirit for life! -xo

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