Tuesday TEN

Ten ways to ENERGIZE yourself instantly!

With the many duties of our daily lives, we may at times feel energy escaping us. Below are my Top 10 ways to energize yourself instantly throughout the day!

1. Never skip the most important meal of the day… BREAKFAST! It is truly an energy booster and when you fuel your body with healthy options, you fill it with energy!

2. Get to moving! Exercise and feel energized! Either it’s a brisk walk, jumping rope, 30 mins on the elliptical or yoga… moving adds 2 hours of energy and happy endorphin’s after your workout is complete.

Jump rope is awesome cardio

3. S T R E T C H!!!! Stretching is needed. It gives you better posture, build confidence and give a boost of energy.

4. Sing out loud… per research from the University of Manchester in England, singing immediately reaches a pleasure zone. It doesn’t if you can “sing” and sound good… that doesn’t matter. Just sing and sing out loud! ” I want to see you be BRAVE!!”

5. Have a laugh break! Nothing feeds the soul positively like laughter:-) Watch something funny on YouTube like the dancing baby, call up someone to hear a funny reflecting moment or just be brave enough to laugh out loud at work behind or in front of doors!!

6. Take a power nap. Taking a 20-60 min power nap can revitalize you and even give you clarity for decision making.

7. Three minute meditation does the same thing as napping but also grants you relaxation. It releases stress, lower your blood pressure and improves blood circulation.

8. Go outdoors. Step away from the office by stepping outside. Sit under a tree, soak in the sun and breathe in the fresh air… it helps to restore energy.

9. Drink more water!!!! No explanation needed:-)

10. Surround yourself with positive people! Be the change you wish to see… Gandhi  Be sure to keep the negative nelly’s away. Create an environment of positive peeps… it’s contagious! Find that atmosphere or take a Que from Gandhi by creating it!

Enjoy and get energized!


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