Fab Fashion Fridays!

Fab Fashion Fridays!!

Androgyny across both genders. Women in structured suiting, men strutting stilletoes… It’s everywhere:-)

Is it a trend you would Rock… or Knock?

The lovely Micah from http://rawwblog.com/all-white-everything/ showcases great androgyny in all white below:

Micah Gianneli_Raww blog_Jesse Maricic Melbourne photographer_White fashion editorial_White street style_Windsor Smith_Asos_Mossman_Amber Sceats_Arnette_Androgynous model_Top fashion blog_Gucci white heels_Best personal style blog

From stiletto stomping, handbags in tow and even wig wearing… men are showcasing androgynous style as well.

Check out the lovely B. Scott standing next to Ms Janelle Monae…

Some even wear the handbag to match…

Guy or girl… androgyny is just a way to showcase the lack of the norm which to me can be respected. Everyone is entitled and respected for their own opinions.

I’m just curious if this is a trend you would rock? 🙂

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