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Ten ways to transition your home for Fall!

With the temperature dropping and the leaves changing, it’s time to transition your home for a cozy fall feel. Below are some of my tips and tricks to help transition your home for Fall.

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1. Re-accessorize with pillows, throw, curtains and even slip covers.

Nothing says a new season more than a change of scenery. Just changing out your decorative pillows in the living room and bedroom can make the home feel more Fall. Adding a luxe throw blanket to the sofa creates the warm and cozy ready to snuggle with on those more cooler days.

2. Change out the scents! Ignite your sensory by switching to scents like spice apple, pine cones, apple cider or even sage.

DIY fall potpourri

You can do this by purchasing new candles or oils to light, infuse or use all together. You can also opt in creating your own scent by making a potpourri that combines cinnamon sticks, vanilla and allspice.

3. Use fall leaves to create interior decor!

Fall Leaf Press- Martha Stewart

By pressing your own leaves you can spray paint, use them in picture frame, decorating votives and other throughout the home.

4. Pumpkins, scones and pine cones oh my!

Add decorative pumpkins and pine cones with glitter covering, spray paint or its natural form throughout the home to give the feel of Autumn.

5. Add seasonal Plants or Flowers

6. Add a cozy throw on a chair or sofa

This is perfect for snuggling, book reading or just getting warm when it’s cold outside.

7. Keep in clean and simple

Although you are adding fall decor, remember to keep it clean which means take away the previous decor, don’t go overboard with the new and let it speak without being overpowering.

8. Lighting!

Lantern Home Decoration Lamps

Set the perfect fall mood with lighting from candles, lamps, and or lanterns.

9. Prep the fireplace

Be sure to not only give your fireplace a physical 🙂 but to also decorate the mantle with simplistic autumn pieces.

10. Fall outdoors!

Don’t forget to decorate your porch, steps, sidewalk or add a wreath to the door to welcome fall from outside to in.

Do you have any additional fall transitional ideas for home? Please share!


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