Throwback Thursday Tribute!

Throwback Thursday Tribute

Celebrating Throwback Thursday by highlighting a fashion rebel and icon who’s been pushing the envelope since 1992 and still stands out above the crowd… Andre’ 3000 !

Although Andre’ is known for his cool lyrics that began with group Outcast and still continues solo, he is even more so recognized for his style. From outlandish costumes to Harlem Renaissance inspired suiting Andre always puts his special twist that then becomes tattooed in the minds of fashionistas like myself.


Take a look at some of the fun throwback costumes that kept the blogs buzzing…

Andre’ continues to woo and keeps us talking even off the stage. He is simply debonair! I love his ability to mix patterns and the way he ensures he has the perfect tailored fit.It was no surprise when he introduced his personal line  “Benjamin Bixby” in 2008. Although short lived, there has been talk in GQ of Andre’ returning his line.

Even in his videos he makes a statement with his style! Below is ONE of my favorites…

Salute to you Mr. André Lauren Benjamin… Thanks for being a style icon that can never be forgotten!


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