Tuesday TEN

Ten transitional ways to wear summer into fall…

YES…. you can transition some summer items into the new fall season. Below are some ways how!

1. Take your favorite maxi dress and adorn it with a great leather jacket! Take a cue from the fashionable Rachel Zoe below!

Or use this idea as well…

2. Fall forward your stylish satin shorts with tights and and a long sleeve blouse

trans2    trans2.2

3. Take a maxi skirt and pair it with a chunky sweater for a fall transitional look


4. For men… take your favorite color trousers from previous season and layer up with a blazer, cardigan and additional accessories for fall.

How To Wear Colored Trousers?Men colored trousers9 How To Wear Colored Trousers?

5. Same with women… just change out your accessories, add a jacket with your colored pants and new look for new season!

trans6     trans3

6.Transition short summer dresses by adding thicker layers, tights and boots

7. Take a silk romper and do the same as above!

8. Add layers of texture to any summer outfit as a transition to fall

scarf fall autumn layering dress leather jacket tights green black bun boots jacket

9. Add different sleeve lengths to those favorite tuxedo pants for a fall look

10. Pullover over a dress

Remember, the only rule in fashion is: There are NO rules! You can wear white after labor day, you can transition that maxi dress into fall… just switch up the accessories and add some layers and you are good to go!

What tips or tricks do you have to transition summer wardrobe into fall?


One thought on “TuesdayTEN

  1. Great ideas…I wasn’t quite ready to give up my maxi dresses or shorts yet! Now I know how to make them work a little bit longer:)

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