Throwback Thursday Tribute

Throwback Thursday Tribute

Celebrating Throwback Thursday by highlighting an Icon – GRACE JONES

grace jones dolph1 765x1024 OLD: Grace Jones   Pull Up To The Bumper

Grace Jones, who entered as a model in the 70’s opened doors for many in an industry that never embraced the type of beauty she exuded in abundance. Grace was proudly unique and unapologetic! I pay tribute to Grace because not only was she a fashion icon beginning in modeling but she gracefully transition into music and film which will forever label her a legend.

My favorite memories of Grace Jones is definitely her in the movie Boomerang as Strange’, the colorful, unapologetic, wildly untamed character that still has me laughing when thinking of the infamous scene in the restaurant with Eddie Murphy and in the board room discussing “the essence of sex!”

grace jones4  grace jones5

Overall Grace Jones is one that will forever be remembered even many years after her death. But while she is still here with us, I wanted to pay tribute to this phenomenal legend.

Hope you enjoyed!


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