Tuesday TEN

Ten stylish ways and reasons you can wear AFTER Labor Day!

1. Long sleeve dresses are a great transition into fall and having it all white with lots of details is a great way to wear white after Labor Day.

2.Textured white like these white snakeskin skinny pants adds fun and excitement to Fall.

3.All white with a touch of classic black makes this a go to outfit for any season

4.Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color to an all white ensemble. This showcase fun and when pairing with colors of the season such as Acai, Samba, Koi or a blazer mixed with many colors makes it a more fall look.

5.Adding a classic white blazer to any outfit especially hues of grey is a great way to transition white into the season

6.Winter whites… beaming whites in heavier fabrics will never go wrong for the change of seasons.

7. Shared before and sharing again… structured white head to toe is classic poetry in motion!

8. Men or women in classic white button down never gets old no matter the date or season.

9. A touch of faux fur adds luxury to your fall white pieces.

Olivia Palermo fur vest

10. All white jackets, coats and even ponchos keep you warm and stylish after Labor Day

Do you have any other stylish ways to wear white after Labor Day? Be sure to share!!


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