Tuesday TEN

Ten tips on how to stay FOCUSED on your goals!

Focus on what your purpose is and be determined to fulfill it! ~Kisha

Alright peeps… let’s get real. There are a plethora of distractions in this great world. Sometimes no matter how hard you try… you brain just doesn’t cooperate and you may get off track with what you said you were going to do. Don’t beat yourself up over it… it just showcases that you are HUMAN!! LOL. 

You say you want to get some writing done but then you’re surfing through FaceBook. You need to do some research and you find yourself stuck on Pinterest for hours! Trust me… it happens to ALL of us! Yes… including ME! But as life progresses, I’ve become better at keeping my focus or getting back on track and I would like to share my Top 10 pointers to help you do the same:-)

If you have a best practice not listed please SHARE so we can continue to encourage each other.

Here we go. Top 10 pointers on how to stay focused on goals:

  1. walkStep AWAY… Literally! –

Sometimes the perfect cure is to get up and move around a bit. It can be a brisk walk throughout the neighborhood taking in the fresh air or just a walk to the other end of the office, mailbox or home! Movement re-energizes the body which will create clarity to return to the task. I also find when I walk… I become motivated because great ideas seem to flow unceasingly.

2. Fruits and Berrys + CerealsPartake in the super food groups

When you eat well, you feel better. When you feel better, you will accomplish more. Eat things that help the body and will not slow it down. Foods such as blueberries are not only great fat burners, they also increase the production of feel-good dopamine.  Dopamine is a natural neurotransmitter (brain messenger) that tends to be low in Parkinson’s.

Read more: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/12-surprising-reasons-to-eat-more-blueberries.html

3. no_cell_phoneSilence the focus killers

Turning off your phone, the notifications from emails and social media alerts and even silencing the computer for a certain time frame will help create more focus. Sometimes hearing the alerts probes us to multitask (read what it’s about) which then leads to getting off track and wasting valuable time. Isn’t it amazing how we act as if we can’t live without this technology of the beautiful iPhone and all it’s apps although just 10 years prior this was not the commonality? The one thing we can never get back is time so use it wisely!

4. listCreate a list

Creating a check list and having it visible reminds us what needs to be accomplished in this specific time frame. Sometimes this is just what we need to staying focused and going after your goal.

5. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGo bigger… Create a Life Board!!!

This is #4 to a higher level. Taking magazine clippings, articles and/or even pictures and creating a “Life Board” can inspire you to a whole other level. It’s visual inspiration. Then take this board and place it where you will see it daily to remind you to GO AFTER YOUR DREAMS! I started creating Life Boards while in college and after seeing things brought to reality, I’m addicted and will continue forever!

6. mulittaskDon’t try to do it all at once

Take small steps and know doing one thing 100% creates a higher fulfillment vs. trying to complete 5 things at once and all are just at 10%. The sense of accomplishment (feeling) will never get old so take small steps toward that goal while keeping your eye on the prize.

7. Accountability - 2Get an accountability partner

When you’ve shared what you are focusing on to someone you can trust and they hold you accountable for staying focused, you are motivated to ensure it’s done! That simple. I have a few… what about you? LOL

8. alarmRing the Alarm!

Set the alarm or a timer that will alert you to check your progress and it also awakens you! I like to set the alarm and put it in another room which will require me to walk around to turn it off and somehow jolts me and I check progress, check the list and set a time to complete.

9. organizedeskj2Keep it organized

Nothing keeps you focused like a clutter-LESS working space. Keep the desk neat, clean and organized. Your chi will be wonderful. Energy(chi) will be in constant flow which enhances your mental capacity.

10. relaxTake a break and RELAX – simple breathing exercises

stopping to eat, lie down for a moment or even stretch releases stress and revitalizes you.

Hope this helps! Don’t forget to share if you have other techniques not listed.


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