Fab Fridays!

Fab Fashion Fridays!!

Trend of Black and White Fashion

Black and White is always a classic look. As time progress, street runway artists continue to take traditional looks and modernize them. It gives a fresh look on a classic trend and we just can’t get enough of it! From Lily Collins to Heidi Klum to a friend name Sandi… many are taking these timeless colors and adding there own spin.

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FF bnw12  FF bnw13  FF bnw.19jpg

From wide leg striped pants, accessories and dresses, some like to mix the classic black and white trend with a pop of color!

FF bnw.18jpgFF bnw74

But when it comes to men’s black and white fashion… no additional color is needed. Most men opt for a traditional suiting style that remains classic… unless your name is Wiz Khalifa!

 FF Mbnw8   FF Mbnw7

FF Mbnw6

But there are always those choosing to stray away from classic in a fun fashionable way!

FF Mbnw1  FF Mbnw5

What classic styles do you like to modernize?


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