KLL 21

Get YOUR Happy back!!…Or don’t ever lose it 🙂


Kisha’s Life Lessons Week 21

Things happen… it’s called LIFE! But this shouldn’t ignite feelings of hopelessness or negativity. Keep smiling through and don’t lose your happiness! The current life storm is only temporary… don’t ever forget that!

Top 5 ways to keep or get your Happy back are:

  1. Stay committed… don’t check out so quickly
  2. “Feed your mind”
  3. Work out! (Endorphin makes you happy)
  4. Send out positive vibes and get it back 100 fold!
  5. SMILE… it’s contagious!


2 thoughts on “KLL 21

  1. I think what you had to say today, was very motivational and inspirational. It is COMPLETELY true – keep your happiness. That common theme of people or situations stealing joy does happen and we allow others to affect us so easily at times. So how do we avoid that negativity when it is around us? To always remind our selves that our happiness starts with in. And it is so difficult to stay in that good mood when people who are negative stomp on your happy.

    I think daily affirmations are so important as well. A sense of consistency is VERY true. I totally laughed out loud when you said, “what yogi do you know is actually unhappy?” hahaha, its true though. If you met me how I was prior to yoga in my life, you would not even recognize me.

    And get your mind out of the gutter, send a love text! LOL. Its true because sometimes you never know how much a person just needs that love.

  2. I normally watch KLL the same day that you send it. However, this is one of the few times that I didn’t and I’m glad because today was when I really needed it! When life knocks you down, it costs you something, takes something out of you from deep within to push through the difficulty. I’ve been asking myself what I can do to restore some of the strength, fortitude that’s been expended. Some of it will take time and faith to restore but in the meantime, you’ve given me some ideas that I can use right now! Not to mention your contagious laughter. Thanks, Kish! 🙂

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