Wear It Wednesdays

Wear It Wednesdays

Let’s talk about 2013 Accessory Trends

From men bags, ear cuffs, hair jewelry and turbans… There are many accessories to choose from for every season!

Turbans were well known in 1940’s and made memorable in the 70’s by the great Sophia Loren and even Barbra Streisand. It made a huge comeback with Sex in the City 2 in 2010 and still in 2013 is going strong. Would you rock it?

wiw acc12wiw acc13wiw acc14

Ear cuffs were statements back in the mid 90’s and it’s back with a vengeance! From celebs to street runway artist you can find these everywhere! My favorites are the gem encrusted styles that are serious ear candy! What are your thoughts… would you rock it or knock it?

wiw acc1wiw acc4wiw acc15

Men bags… murse… whatever you choose to call it. It’s not new but what is, are the amazing colors and trends they now come in. How refreshing to see all men regardless of sexual orientation, carrying them in the most stylish ways.

wiw Macc3   wiw Macc4

Lastly… I’m loving the hair jewelry for ladies. Known in Indian culture for weddings, the fashion scene has used this as inspiration for everyday fashionista obsession.

wiw acc16wiw acc17wiw acc9wiw acc10

All trends to me are worth a try… although it may not suit us all the same as the models posing with it but hey… fashion is about risks and making it your own!


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