Wear It Wednesdays

Wear It Wednesdays

Celebrating style Risk Takers!

Are you a risk taker??

“Can I get a Refill…” singer Elle Varner is multi-talented artist. With bright colors, fashionable prints and geek chic glasses Elle Varner stands out as a risk taker with creative style! When doing a poll most women try to stray away from prints on the bottom but not this CHIC BEAUTY! She has the courage to rock whatever she wants and she does it well!

Elle Varner Collage

Solange’ Knowles known as a singer, model, dancer, DJ, songwriter and above all fashion risk taker! Even in her video’s she’s shown taking risks such as the fun and quirky video for “Losing You” which was introduced last year. Solange’ is a ChicCHICK that rocks always!

SolangeCollage1  SolangeCollage2

Jessie J!!! Her name is a risk statement itself! She is a soulful English singer and song writer. Yes this “Who you are” London native style is as loud as her voice and I love them both!


Kanye West… Enough said! He’s a Style Risk Taker to the highest degree. No matter your feelings on his personal decisions, comments and behavior, you must recognize the man has style! The “Good Life” singer is so into fashion that his girlfriends become female versions of him! Don’t believe me… Google it!*:D big grin

KanyeWestCollage   KanyeWestCollage2

Regardless if you choose to wear it or not these Style Risk Takers above stand out from the crowd… proudly representing their own uniqueness!


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