KLL 19

Kisha’s Life Lessons Week 19

My quote for the day…

Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it. – Lou Holtz

Don’t let others negativity weigh you down!


I’m a pretty positive person… I always find the good in people, things and life situations but there are those times in life where I simply say What The Heck! One of those moments happened around 1:28am.

During my route home from inventory in the late of the night, I was pulled over by a police officer. Interestingly enough, I initially had no worries as I know I didn’t break any law and was completely clueless of the stop. Shortly after the officer made it to my car my calmness turned into panic. I’ve once again had a “never experienced” situation and was left feeling completely vulnerable.

This…is my story.

Me: “Hi officer, I’m unsure of why I was stopped. Could you share what I did wrong?”

Officer: “There is always a reason we stop people. Show me your registration.” (His voice, very cold somewhat smug with a negative attitude)

I actually am shocked at his rude introduction so I take a deep breath then lean over to get the papers out of my glove compartment. While I am leaning over he is looking through my car with the flashlight.What the hell is he doing looking through my car while my back is turned? I pull all papers out of the glove compartment and when noticing my insurance card was on top I attempt to hand that to him while I find other necessary documents. He responds with an attitude while flicking the flashlight toward my face and saying

“I don’t need that. Who’s this car for?”

Me: Once again taking deep breaths “Officer, this is my car… I’m driving home from”

He interrupts me saying “Are you sure this is YOUR car? You been out late drinking? Are you positive this is YOUR car? I want to see the registration showing this is registered to you” He emphasizes on the words “your” and “you” every time he asks if the car belongs to me. He then puts the flashlight directly in my face and I am starting to panic so I grab my face to hold in the tears.

Me: “Officer… this is MY car. I have not been drinking and I am willing to take any test necessary. I am driving home from work. We had inventory tonight.”

Officer: “Oh yea… well lets start with your license.”


At this moment I notice more lights in my rear-view mirror. Another cop in a SUV pulls up and I really start to have bad thoughts and panic. “Oh my God… what is going on? Why did he call for back up? I’m in the middle of darkness and I’m scared Lord!” These are my thoughts.

Me: ( I’m starting to cry and I’m trying hard not to but the tears are beginning to fall. I stop looking through my papers and reach into my handbag and pull out my wallet. I’m shaking while taking out my license.) I then hand it to him and say “Officer please forgive me but I am a little shaken up. You have yet to tell me why I was pulled over and I know I have the right to ask. Yes I am crying and starting to have a panic attack because I do not know why you are choosing to be so rude to me. I’ve never experienced this.”

Officer: (Deep sighs with a smirk) “THIS car… in THIS area… is highly suspicious.”

My thoughts are what the hell does that mean? I can’t drive a nice car?? I worked hard for my Infinity FX35! At this point I am doing the hyperventilating cry why still trying to take deep breaths to calm myself down. He looks at my license and says in a voice of shock “You’re from Texas?”

Me: “Yes officer, I am. I moved here for work.”

Officer: “Alright… (he says with a sigh) Just calm down… take some deep breaths. I’ll be right back.”

When he returns to my car his attitude is COMPLETELY different. He comes back with a voice of concern as I am still trying to calm myself down.

Officer: “Hey, just be safe getting home…”

I look up with confusion written on my face. I know he saw it because I have still NOT been given a reason why I was pulled over. He looks at me and responds to the question on my face.

Officer: “Just FYI, you should get your license changed over to NY if this will be your permanent residence.”

I immediately respond “It will not be my permanent residence. I WILL be moving.”

Officer: “Alright well… just be safe getting home. Relax your fine. I’m not going to issue you a ticket. You were just going like 40mpw in a 30 mpw zone.”

He walks away and I drive home. I KNOW I wasn’t going 40 in a 30 zone. I drive this route daily for work and at night I go even slower because I don’t have great night vision and I don’t want to hit any deer.

ANYWAY… I share this story to say, sometimes life brings us threatening and uncomfortable situations. We don’t plan to encounter these things and no matter what anyone says, you can be the strongest individual in the world but you never know how the situation will impact you when dealing with adversity in a particular moment.

Yes, I had a hard night. Yes I cried more once I made it home. Yes there were a few moments where I couldn’t relax and did not go to sleep until a little after 5am. BUT… I’ve still been blessed to have lived through it.

There have been plenty that have encountered way worse situations from mine and are not living today to share their personal stories. (Example… Trayvon Martin)

But the lesson learned through MY experience is no matter what is thrown my way, I still choose to rise above. I did not like the way I was treated last night but he is only a representation of hate and negativity. I do not give that any power in my life! What ever you face in life, you can choose how you react to it. DO NOT LET NEGATIVITY WEIGH YOU DOWN! Know life goes on and you can and WILL overcome!

Keep smiling and shed light onto this world. We may not be able to change a person but we can influence greatly on the change we want to see.


Be inspired to fly above all of the drama!


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