KLL 17

Kisha’s Life Lessons Week 17

Life IS like a box of chocolates… NO JOKE!!


It amazes me the amount of things we can encounter not in a lifetime but just simply in a day! I truly think of the movie Forrest Gump when the amazing Tom Hanks said that infamous line “Life is like a box of Chocolates… you never know what you’re gonna get” and how simple yet true that statement reigns. I’ve experienced a roller-coaster of emotions in one day mostly unexpected from laughter to tears and at times questioning “what the hell”! LOL. But hey, it wouldn’t be life if I didn’t experience these things. These emotions and questionings help us to feel, release and be given the title as HUMAN!! Nothing is wrong with it!!!… well, as long as you don’t allow it to consume you. Release and move on. If someone has “wronged” you, share it with them and press on. If you feel you are taking on too much… just say NO or enough! And if you hate your boss… find someone to take him on a trip far far away from here, drop him off and say ALOHA! Hello and GOODBYE! (Just semi-kidding on the last one you guys!) 

Over the past couple weeks I’ve spoken of “Being loyal to you”, and “Never forgetting to give to you” and still to this day, weeks later I’m in the battle with oneself of completely releasing in order to give to me. I’ve realized during my past few years of growth, I’ve become more comfortable sharing my vulnerability hence the blog openly speaking of this .  Nevertheless, I’ve been in this battle! LOL! My struggle has been with the balance of giving and receiving. I’ve realized I’m a giveaholic! (Yes… I just made up that word!) But it’s true.

Sometimes I give soooo much on many different levels that the replenishment doesn’t happen as frequent as needed which in turns creates depletion. I give to work, to friends, family, those I mentor, kids, clients and many many more. This can deplete anyone… even the one considered the strongest of them all! And when I reach the level of being fully depleted… trust me… it is NOT A GOOD LOOK!   The ball of energy most people know me as is more of a wax figure from the Madame Tussaud wax museum. It looks like the real thing on the outside but clearly empty on the inside which at times creates the inability to engage. Thankfully, if you listen closely to the positive energies surrounding us, you will hear God give you direction on where to turn and what to do. I was lead to go through my mounds of books and I stumbled on one I purchased years ago but never read. It’s entitled “Honor Yourself, The Inner art of Giving and Receiving” by Patricia Spadaro. WOW!! The title itself was speaking to my situation. This reading came at the right time! This was the replenishment needed.


Now off of the soap box…I’ve reached the point of understanding which is this, Life is simply LIFE and it will do to you what you allow it to do! You are the controller of your destiny and although you are dealt a certain hand, you choose how you want to play it so PLAY IT WELL!. Life IS like a box of chocolates… it sometimes gives us tasty treats and sometimes those you bite into, you frown and spit out! You never know what you are going to get but you can choose how you deal with it!

…And that’s all I have to say about that!


Happy Monday!!


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