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Teen Stress Management & Mental Wellness Consultant ~ Life Coach ~ International Speaker ~ Author

Are you ready to ignite your teen girls Christ Confidence?

Being once considered an at-risk and suicidal teen, I know first hand what’s needed to help your teen girl succeed against all odds. With the multitude of issues a teen girl face, from lost identity, gender confusion and faux reality per social media standards, having a relatable mentor and Certified Life Coach around to help along the way is necessary.

I show teen girls how to walk boldly in their uniqueness, ignite the confidence from within and how to overcome many trials with effective stress management tools. In a nutshell, I help teen girls KICKstart confident living.


From my customized “Confidence K.I.C.K.” workshops, introduction to Transcendental© Minute Meditation, Stress Management Consulting and school partnerships, I choose to empower each teen girl to, Know who they are in Christ, Ignite what lives within, Confidently speak & Compare NOT and Keep moving past the obstacles. 

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